Dr. Alberto Ríos Carranza

Geologist Engineer and Doctor (PHD), with 30 years of experience as a Senior Geologist in reputable mining companies: Hochschild Mining PLC, Rio Tinto, Buenaventura Mining Company, Aruntani, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, and others. Dr. Rios is a Qualified Person (QP) for Lima´s Stock Market.

MBA Julio Torres Nieto

General Manager
Geologist Engineer and MBA, with over 25 years of experience in Gold and Base Metal Projects at national and international mining companies such as Newmont Mining Corporation, Buenaventura Mining Company, Aruntani and Zincore Metals.

MSc. Julio Cesar  De La Cruz Vargas

Mexican Geologist, Master in Sciences, leadershiplus Diplomat, Program Lowell in Arizona University, course of higher studies by the University Tu Bergakademie Freiberg of Germany and the University Polytechnic of Madrid, Spain. More than 20 years’ experience in grassroots exploration to advance stages and evaluation of mining projects. Member of the exploration Team in Discovery Soledad-Dipolos Mine, "La Herradura" Mining Complex, “Rey de Plata", Capela Mine and many other Precious and Base Metals Exploration Projects.